What Does The Tassel On A Graduation Cap Mean?

Symbolizes earned degree or field of study. There are many different reasons why graduates wear graduation cap gown tassel. In this article, we’ll discuss the different uses of tassels, from symbolic meanings to practical ones. But first, let’s take a closer look at how each piece of cloth is worn. Below are some common uses of tassels.

Symbolizes earning a degree

Tassels are traditional symbols of success, and a graduation tassel on a graduation cap is no different. For undergraduate degree graduates, the tassel begins on the right side of the cap and then must be flipped to the left during the commencement ceremony. Tassels are also displayed in photos during the graduation ceremony. However, some think the tassel should remain on the right side of the cap.

Graduation caps have a long and storied history. The first formal cap was developed in the 15th century and was stiff or pliable. Some of the earliest caps were square or round, with a tuft in the center. Over the years, many universities have moved toward a more modern design inspired by Oxford University mortarboards. Whether a student is earning a bachelor’s degree or a doctorate, they will wear a graduation cap with a tassel, as the tassel represents the completion of their schooling.

Graduates may also choose a color for their tassels. Yellow and citron tassels are popular for social work graduates. Graduates of psychology and social work wear tassels that reflect their fields. However, black tassels are preferred by many universities. Graduation is a proud moment for a graduate. They have achieved a lifelong dream.

A graduate student’s tassel is often made of gold or silver. It is to indicate the discipline they are studying. Doctoral graduates, for example, wear a gold cord. In addition, undergraduates typically wear gold tassels, representing their university’s colors. The tassel should be black if a student pursues a bachelor’s degree.

Symbolizes field of study

The color of the tassel on a graduation cap is symbolic of the field of study the graduate is completing. Graduates from a college or university who have earned departmental, university, or college honors are recognized with a special cord. These tassels are often gold, silver, or black, usually worn on the left side of the cap. Graduates who earned a master’s degree also wear a tassel in the same color.

The tradition of wearing academic regalia to graduate traces back to the 12th century. During this time, scholars wore long robes and were often surrounded by hoods, which protected them from the cold. About 200 years later, students wore flat-top hats along with their gowns. A bricklayer’s mortarboard inspired the hood’s initial design, and the tassel and the hood represented the study area. While colors vary between schools, the tassel on a graduation cap symbolizes the graduate’s field of study, which is an important aspect of a student’s accomplishment.

Graduates are typically given a hood trimmed with a color representing their field of study. The tassel is a symbol of success, but the exact position of the tassel has not been standardized. For example, some believe that the tassel should remain on the right side of the graduation cap after the ceremony. In contrast, others feel that it should be placed on the left side to symbolize the transition from college to university. Regardless of the meaning, there are some basic guidelines to follow when choosing which way the tassel should be placed.

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