Military Ties: Classic Striped Design From The Time Of Ideals To Our Day

Regimental ties are a timeless accessory for any man, an idea of ​​simplicity and naturalness and, at the same time, a must of masculine elegance with a high potential for expressiveness and versatility.

Gentlemen have always appreciated traditional menswear accessories with a classic, refined look. However, neckties have also signified one’s affiliation with a specific military regiment, private school, or club.

These classic striped ties have an exciting history that takes us far back over the years.

The Colors And Lines of The English College School Tie From Regimental Symbol To The School Symbol

It all began in 1880 when the first “School tie” appeared almost by chance in London. Some Exeter College Oxford regatta club members decided to tie a red and black ribbon around the neck, following an already existing trend in the military field. Specific colors and stripes would have been worn, in fact, by every member of a brigade with identifiable pride and unity.

The word Regimental comes from the Latin regime, a rule or system of order, and refers to military organization. Thus, in the early twentieth century, the use of Regimental ties spread like wildfire. Each member of the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge colleges of sports clubs wore a Regimental tie, developing a myriad of color and stripe combinations over the years.

Wear A Regimental Tie Today

Even if today it is possible to wear a Regimental tie without particular restrictions, you must never forget that these are not simply decorative stripes. On the contrary, they evoke every battle fought with blood, intellectual and sporting fights. Therefore, its use without a prerequisite of belonging to a civil or military institution is considered bad taste, especially in English territory.

To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, but above all, to respect the high intrinsic ideal, you can wear striped ties that have no connection with regimental ties, such as the Italian ones, which present a variation in the intensity of the lines in terms of size.

When Can A Man Wear A Regimental Tie?

Traditionally reserved for informal occasions, it is perfect on the weekend if you go to clubs or sports clubs, but you can also wear it during the week for business meetings. To be avoided, with rare exceptions, in an elegant evening dinner and prohibited for ceremonies.

Tie Etiquette

A stripe represents the wearer’s membership in a military regiment or prestigious clubs or universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. However, stripes no longer represent membership in military units but rather membership in a prestigious club or university. A custom tie is meant to provide clear identification to these groups. It is considered offensive to wear a tie in the colors of an institution you’re not affiliated with.


The regimental tie is a classic design that has been around for centuries. Initially, the stripes on the ties represented the different regiments of the British army. Today, people wear them for many reasons, including tradition, status, and self-expression. So whether you’re looking to buy your first military ties or add to your collection, it’s important to know what to look for.

We hope this guide has helped you better understand everything there is to know about these iconic ties. So, what do you think of the regimental tie? Do you own any? Let us know in the comments below!

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