Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Public Storage Unit

A storage unit may be the perfect solution for storing items that can’t fit into your garage or basement. Just be sure to carefully consider your options before renting a storage space. Some tips include checking the facility’s website or social media page and reading client feedback reviews. You can also check if your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance covers your belongings in storage.


When selecting public storage units Petaluma, size is a crucial factor. A clear idea of what items you plan to store will help you determine your needed space. Many locations offer a range of storage unit sizes, starting at 5’x5′ (about the size of a walk-in closet) and moving up to 10×30′ units for indoor car and boat storage.

Some public storage properties offer an online storage calculator, which lets you see how various items fit into specific unit sizes. Pricing is another important consideration when determining the proper storage unit for you. Some units are more expensive than others, and location can also affect prices. For example, units in cities and other areas with high demand tend to cost more than those in less populated regions. Additionally, some storage companies require tenant insurance, which can add up quickly.


Whether you are looking to store holiday decorations or a tent for a band practice, public storage units offer the opportunity to keep your items in a convenient location. However, there are a few things to remember while searching for a suitable unit for your needs. For example, many storage locations offer climate-controlled units to protect belongings sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity. This option is essential if your items are fragile, rare, or sentimental.

Another consideration is the facility’s hours of operation. Knowing that the facility will be open when you want to access your belongings is helpful if you store seasonal items like holiday decorations or pool equipment. In addition, some facilities have a minimum storage period and require a security deposit. If these factors are a concern, choosing a location close to your home is best. This will make the process of retrieving your items easier and faster.


It’s a great convenience to store items like craft supplies, furniture, and tools without having them clutter up your home. But it’s also important that your belongings are safe. Look for a facility that offers several layers of security, including state-of-the-art electronic locks, CCTV, and 24-hour security monitoring. You’ll want to ask the facility about their alarm system and whether they have a backup alarm that will notify local authorities in case of break-ins.

Additionally, look for a storage location that has on-site managers who walk the property regularly and can quickly spot any suspicious activity. Storage has several locations, but it’s best to research them thoroughly before renting any units. They have above-average pricing and must be more transparent about their on-site security practices.


Many storage companies lure customers in with free or low prices for the first month, only to increase their costs after a few months. Other storage locations force customers to purchase insurance designed to generate an ongoing revenue stream for the company. It is always good to compare storage unit costs when making a selection. It’s also important to consider whether a storage location is close to your home so you can easily access your belongings when needed. This can save you money in gas and can also cut down on the time it takes to haul heavy items back and forth from your storage unit.

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