5 Tips For Cycling To Work

Surely you are tired of driving around the city and finding a thousand traffic lights and traffic jams. We know that it is very overwhelming not being able to do anything to get to work on time and avoid the looks of colleagues.

We have a solution for you: cycling to work. They are all advantages: you will arrive earlier, you will do a little exercise and improve your health, you will save money and you will contribute to a better planet and you will take care of the environment.

Tips for going to work by bike

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, follow these tips for cycling to work. and you will become an expert. So much so that even your boss will ask you how you manage to be so happy first thing in the morning.

plan the way

If you choose well the path you have to take to get from your house to work, you already have a lot of cattle. Our friend Google Maps can lend you a hand in this step since it gives you options to search for bike routes, as well as walking, by car, or by public transport.

The important thing here is to choose the path that has the most kilometers of e-bike lanes to avoid pedaling between cars, buses, and taxis. This way you will be safer and you will arrive fresh as a rose to the office.

leave home on time

You never know what can happen, so it is recommended that if you estimate that it will take 20 minutes to get to work, leave with half an hour of time just in case. Normally, there are no problems with delays when cycling to work, but sometimes you may have a problem with the bicycle chain or you may feel tired and pedal more slowly. Although pedaling fast or slowly can be solved with an electric bicycle, which will help you with the power of the motor when you need a little push or you don’t want to sweat so much in summer. It is a good option to get to work relaxed.

Choose the best bike to go to work

It is true that folding bicycles are the most comfortable to store without taking up much space. If there is no bike parking in your company or you do not want to bother by taking up too much space, it is a smart choice so that you can leave it in a corner. Plus, it’s super easy to store at home.

But there are other factors to take into account, such as the maximum load weight of the bicycle or, in the case of an electric bicycle, how much autonomy the battery has. For example, if you go with a backpack, laptop or gym bag, those kilos add to yours, and not all bikes support that much weight. In that case, you need to look for a bike with the maximum possible load (100 kg, 120 kg, 130 kg…) If it is electric, you should think about whether you need to use it a lot or not to decide which one suits you best according to the autonomy they have.

Choose your bike accessories

Some accessories will make your life easier while you cycle to work. The lights, both front and rear brake, are essential in case it gets dark. In addition, the brake lights warn other people or vehicles when you are going to stop. The helmet is essential if you do not want to risk your life every day. If you ever have a crash, no matter how minor, a helmet will protect your head from being hit and prevent serious injury. Another ideal accessory for cycling to work is the smartphone holder since you can place your mobile on the bicycle handlebar and use it as a GPS without having to pick it up with your hands. It is perfect!

Meet the standards

Whether you are riding a bike, scooter, or any other vehicle, you have to comply with traffic regulationsDriving on sidewalks is prohibited. You have to go on bike paths or on the road. You are using a vehicle and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians must be taken into account. Nor can you use headphones or hold your mobile phone in your hand or carry it between your ear and helmet while pedaling, as you may have an accident. In addition, according to the Traffic Lawyou can be fined if you break these rules.

Here are some tips that will help you start cycling to work with peace of mind. Once you have understood this, you just have to take your bike and try the route. Do you dare?

Recommendation for the use of the bicycle helmet

Although it is not mandatory to wear a helmet on a bike, we recommend that you wear it. In addition, there are helmets of very good quality at an affordable price, light, and with good ventilation to avoid sweating. There are also helmets with LED lights so that you can be seen at night or even with blinkers so that other drivers know if you are going to turn left or right. There is no excuse not to use it!

Another idea to go more calmly by bike is to have civil liability insurance in case you have an accident and injure someone or insurance that covers the theft of your electric bicycle (which is frequent in some cities, due to bad luck).

Is it mandatory to wear a bike helmet?

At the moment no law indicates that it is mandatory to wear a bike helmet. So each country has its rules, although most force those under 16 to always wear them.

In addition to the helmet, in many European cities where a large part of the population uses bicycles and VMP, the safety of users is not only improved by encouraging them to wear the helmet. It is also important that each city council creates an infrastructure, more bike lanes, and better signage. With all these measures, accidents in urban environments can be reduced.

A good example of this is the Netherlands, where a high percentage of people cycle every day and with one of the lowest accident rates in all of Europe. This is not only because of the use of the helmet (a country where until now it is not mandatory to wear it) but because they have infrastructures focused on urban cyclists since the bicycle is considered a means of transport for day-to-day use.

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