5 of the greatest single-season QB performances in high school history

When it comes to exceptional talents in high school football, few positions have shined as brightly on the field as quarterbacks.

Some players were incredibly hard to stop, and a few quarterbacks have achieved stats that would normally take four years to accomplish, all in just one season.

Imagine passing for over 5,000 yards in a single season or throwing so many touchdowns that it feels like playing a one-sided video game. There have also been quarterbacks who led their teams to undefeated records and state championships, making their single-season performances truly remarkable.

These 14 quarterbacking performances stand out as the very best in high school history, showcasing the incredible skills and achievements of these young athletes.

1. Jake Browning, Folsom (Folsom, Calif.)

Jake Browning had an impressive season in 2014. He threw the ball for a remarkable 5,790 yards, completing 360 throws out of 524 attempts. He also threw an incredible 91 touchdown passes and only got intercepted 7 times.

The top honor goes to Jake Browning for his outstanding performance in 2014. He really stood out in the competitive world of California high school football. Browning led his team, Folsom, to a perfect season with no losses, winning all 16 games. They finished it off by winning the state championship, where they defeated Oceanside with a score of 68-7. Browning’s 91 touchdown passes matched a national record, and his 5,790 passing yards set a new California record. His accuracy was seriously impressive too. Browning’s accuracy stood out as he successfully connected on nearly 70% of his throws, contributing to his impressive accomplishment in his California career: a grand total of 1,191 passes completed out of 1,708 attempts.

2. Nick Gerber, Levelland (Levelland, Texas)

In one season, Gerber threw the football for an impressive 5,617 yards, successfully completing 337 passes out of 522 attempts. He also made an outstanding 77 touchdown passes.

Although Gerber faced four losses during his senior year, which prevented him from being ranked higher than 14th, it’s important not to ignore his remarkable achievements in that single season. This is especially true when you consider that he holds the record in the state of Texas for both the most passing yards and the most touchdown passes. And to make his case even stronger, he only threw eight interceptions out of 552 attempts, which is quite a small number.

It’s clear that Gerber’s accomplishments deserve recognition, despite the setbacks his team faced during his senior year.

3. Maty Mauk, Kenton (Kenton, Ohio)

In his junior year, Maty Mauk put up impressive numbers by throwing for 5,670 yards. He completed 372 passes out of 568 attempts and threw an impressive 69 touchdown passes.

This won’t be the last time you hear about the Mauk name on this list, whether it’s as a quarterback on the field or coaching from the sidelines. Even though Maty Mauk’s junior year didn’t result in an undefeated season, the 6-foot-2 quarterback was exceptional, averaging nearly 430 passing yards per game and scoring a total of 69 touchdowns. When looking at his entire career, he ended up with the highest total yardage in the nation (22,681 yards). His performance in the 2010 season is ranked as the 11th-best passing display in high school history.

It’s evident that Maty Mauk’s junior year performance, despite the team not being undefeated, stands out as a remarkable achievement due to his exceptional skills and impressive numbers.

4. Myles Brennan, St. Stanislaus (Bay St. Louis, Miss.)

In 2014, Brennan achieved impressive stats with 5,797 yards, completing 409 passes out of 482 attempts. He also threw an impressive 64 touchdown passes.

Back in 2014, Brennan’s performance was almost as amazing as having more touchdowns than incomplete passes. This incredible combination of accuracy and arm strength was quite astonishing for a young quarterback. Even though his team experienced two losses while he was playing, it’s hard to blame a sophomore who produced such incredible numbers.

5. Thomas Thrash, Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, Ark.)

In 2001, Thrash achieved remarkable stats by throwing for 5,272 yards, completing 355 passes out of 502 attempts. He also impressively threw 77 touchdown passes.

Thrash truly elevated the standards for outstanding quarterback performances in Arkansas during that year. He set new records for touchdown passes with an impressive 77 and for passing yards as well. His exceptional achievements were highlighted by his games with multiple touchdowns: he had an extraordinary 10-touchdown performance, along with a remarkable 9-touchdown game, an 8-touchdown game, and even two games with 7 touchdowns each! Notably, he even managed to throw an astounding 8 touchdowns in just one half of a game.

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